Decaf Ethiopia - Swiss Water Processed
Blossom Coffee Roasters

Decaf Ethiopia - Swiss Water Processed

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Tasting Notes: Blue Berry, Baked Graham Cracker, Delicate Floral
Roast level: Medium

Country: Ethiopia

Certifications:  Organic 

From the roaster:  This is the fourth year that we contracted this single lot organic decaf Ethiopian from our friends at Royal Coffee Importers. Notably, last year we decided to secretly bring this coffee to America's Best Espresso Competition held in Los Angeles, CA and during that competition we were the only decaf submission. While keeping it under wraps we were able to advance all the way to the finals finishing with a 2nd place trophy and all the back patting we hoped for. We find this coffee to be an incredible representation of the progress and process that decaffeination methods have made in recent years. 

This particular lot was naturally processed and dried on raised beds before it was selected by Royal to undergo Swiss Water processing in Canada. This particular processing method ensures that most of the inherent flavor qualities of the coffee are well maintained and we can attest to that. You will experience a medium bodied coffee with flavors of blueberries, graham cracker, and some delicate florals in the aromas. When we pull it as espresso we find it to be eerily reminiscent of blueberry baked pie! 

I have been a subscriber since their launch, having been introduced to Better Grounds at a coffee festival. I have enjoyed every monthly selection so far! Their service is a great choice for anyone who, like me, wants easier access great quality coffee and anyone who might feel overwhelmed trying to look into the sourcing bonafides of different brands. I appreciate that they do this work for their clients, and also support different roasters who are doing good work.