Honduras - El Conejo
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Honduras - El Conejo

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Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Orange Zest, Chocolate
Roast level: Medium

Country: Honduras 
Region: Los Planes, Comayagua 
Farm: Finca El Conejo  
Processing: Washed 

Certifications:  Organic 

From the Roaster: This coffee comes from fifth generation coffee farmers, Joel and Delmer, are two young entrepreneurs who were given a plot of land by Joel's father (Joel Banegas Sr, Finca Mira Flores) to start growing coffee. Delmer took full responsibility for maintaining the land and workers while Joel decided to go to college to study agricultural engineering and specialize in coffee. They have joined forces to make Finca El Conejo one of the few experimental coffee farms in the Comayagua region.

We’re really excited to be working alongside of these brothers and the work they are doing in Honduras. This coffee is an outstanding example of the hard work going on behind the scenes in specialty coffee.

I have been a subscriber since their launch, having been introduced to Better Grounds at a coffee festival. I have enjoyed every monthly selection so far! Their service is a great choice for anyone who, like me, wants easier access great quality coffee and anyone who might feel overwhelmed trying to look into the sourcing bonafides of different brands. I appreciate that they do this work for their clients, and also support different roasters who are doing good work.