French Roast Blend
Blossom Coffee Roasters

French Roast Blend

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Tasting Notes: Rich, Smooth, Big Body, Burnt Sugars
Roast level: Dark

Country: Columbia, Sumatra

Certifications:  Organic 

From the roaster: This is a classic dark roasted blend. In fact, this is the farthest and darkest we will go for our coffees. But, ultimately it is a nostalgic flavor affair for most traditional and conservative coffee drinkers. This blend will boast with rich, full body qualities and a thick depth of classic dark chocolate and burnt sugar flavors. We roast this well into sugar browning, or well past first crack, however we do not reach second crack making this still desirable as a dark roast without tasting like bitter bark or carbon. For our classic or traditional cafe's or consumers we find that this also makes a great house espresso offering.

This blend will consistently rotate in new fresh harvests but will always consist of a Central American, South American and Indonesian coffee.

I have been a subscriber since their launch, having been introduced to Better Grounds at a coffee festival. I have enjoyed every monthly selection so far! Their service is a great choice for anyone who, like me, wants easier access great quality coffee and anyone who might feel overwhelmed trying to look into the sourcing bonafides of different brands. I appreciate that they do this work for their clients, and also support different roasters who are doing good work.