Ethiopia Sidama Bokasso
Amavida Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia Sidama Bokasso

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Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Brown Sugar
Roast level: Light

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Farmer: Bokasso Cooperative

Certifications:  Organic 

From the roaster: An incredible Ethiopian Coffee imported from our friends at Bokasso. These organic coffee beans offer a delicate & delightful experience, and taste of orange blossom, bergamot, and brown sugar.

If you drink coffee from Amavida on a regular basis, you have probably had the opportunity to enjoy coffee from Ethiopia’s Sidama zone, which is the leading coffee producing zone in the country. Much of the coffee from this growing region has come to Amavida via Fero Cooperative, the largest member of SCFCU.

We are excited for the opportunity to offer organic coffee from Bokasso Cooperative, another member of SCFCU located in the Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia. Bokasso is a community of 2,170 members responsible for producing some of the best Ethiopian coffee on the market. The village of Bokasso is located only 10 kilometers from Fero Cooperative’s main washing station, but at a higher elevation. Bokasso Cooperative is a relatively new producer partner for Amavida Coffee. Cooperative Coffees first visited the community in 2015, and purchased their first shipping container of coffee from Bokasso the following year.

I have been a subscriber since their launch, having been introduced to Better Grounds at a coffee festival. I have enjoyed every monthly selection so far! Their service is a great choice for anyone who, like me, wants easier access great quality coffee and anyone who might feel overwhelmed trying to look into the sourcing bonafides of different brands. I appreciate that they do this work for their clients, and also support different roasters who are doing good work.