Honduras COMSA
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Honduras COMSA

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Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Roasted Almond, Nougat
Roast level: Medium

Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala
Farmer: COMSA Cooperative

Certifications:  Organic 

From the roaster: This organic coffee from the Marcala region of Honduras tastes of milk chocolate, roasted almond, and nougat.

Cafe Organico Marcala (COMSA) was founded in December of 2001 with a vision of creating new and alternative development opportunities for small-scale coffee farmers in the region of Marcala, Honduras. The organization originally brought together 69 small-scale farmers of Lenca origin who were interested in selling their coffee collectively under the umbrella of a rural credit union.

At that time the predominant production system in the region used conventional (chemical) practices and sold to the local coyotes, often at prices that did not even cover the farmers’ production costs. One of the primary founding objectives of COMSA was to seek out and promote new ways of thinking – both in production, moving away from conventional to organic production; and in markets. moving from commercial to specialty buyers.

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I have been a subscriber since their launch, having been introduced to Better Grounds at a coffee festival. I have enjoyed every monthly selection so far! Their service is a great choice for anyone who, like me, wants easier access great quality coffee and anyone who might feel overwhelmed trying to look into the sourcing bonafides of different brands. I appreciate that they do this work for their clients, and also support different roasters who are doing good work.