Math time!

Math time!

One can argue that some of the most important human advancements in technology, philosophy, religion, self-governance, and the like were born out of moments of inspiration, genius, and a well-caffeinated mind. 

As a matter of fact, King Charles II was reported to have dispatched spies to the coffeehouses of London to keep tabs on the rabble-rousing revolutionaries who began laying the philosophical framework to put an end to monarchies as the world then knew them.

Where there's coffee, there's thought. And where there's thought, there are ideas.

While we don't intend to overthrow any governments anytime soon, we thought the world was ripe for some good old fashioned mathematics.

But...with coffee. 

We've already written enough words, so let the pictures do the talking and answer some common questions, like:

"How many cups of brewed coffee make up a 12 oz bag?"
"Is a cup of coffee the same as a cup of...any other liquid?"
"How much does a cup of home-brewed coffee actually cost?"

Let's begin.

how many cups of brewed coffee per 12oz bag

how many cups of coffee using a coffee maker

how many cups using a pour over

cost per cup of home brewed coffee for a $22 bag of coffee

Hope this helps.

May you carry on, sufficiently caffeinated, plotting your world takeover. You got this.