Cafecita Coffee | Los Angeles, CA

Cafecita Coffee | Los Angeles, CA

Who runs the world? 


Cafecita Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster out of Los Angeles, does things a bit differently. Why? For one, they're 100% women-owned. But what really makes them unique is that they only source coffees from farms and co-ops across the world that are owned by women.

And, while we're on the topic of being unique, gender inequality in coffee certainly isn't. Like so many areas of modern day society, women aren't given their fair due for their crucial role in the coffee business. It's actually a pretty big problem in coffee.

Did you know that...

  • ~70% of manual labor on coffee farms (planting, picking, processing, sorting) is performed by women. As you can guess, their representation in ownership is far, far less.

  • In many coffee growing countries, a husband's land ownership doesn't transfer to his wife after he passes away. Without owning land, it's nearly impossible for women to obtain loans to finance their businesses.
  • Giving women the same access as men to agricultural resources could increase production on women’s farms in developing countries by 20 to 30%. This could raise total agricultural production in developing countries by 2.5 to 4%, which could, in turn, reduce the number of hungry people in the world by 100 to 150 million people. 

Pretty crazy. 

Pretty sad. 

Pretty dire.

It's why people like Natalie Webb, who left her job in international law to start Cafecita Coffee, are so important. We sat down with her to hear all about her background, her travel experiences, why women-owned businesses are so important, and how we can make decisions in our daily lives to make the world a friendlier, more equitable place.