A Better Cup of (Ethical) Coffee

A Better Cup of (Ethical) Coffee

We had the pleasure of talking all things coffee with Stephanie Seferian, host of the Sustainable Minimalists podcast.  We discuss the challenges with global coffee production, including environmental and economic sustainability considerations, and how to shop better for coffee. Check out the episode wherever you get your podcasts - links below.  

From Stephanie: 

"Most of us don’t tend to think about the environmental or ethical consequences associated with coffee; we just like what we like. And because there’s something about the ritual of drinking coffee that’s so deeply embedded in our daily lives, we often stick with what we’ve always done—and buy the brand we’ve always bought—instead of attempting to brew a more ethical cup of joe.

Today I’m discussing all-things coffee with David Sells, co-founder of organic coffee subscription service Better Grounds. Dave is here to divulge how we can reduce our environmental impact simply by tweaking our coffee-related routines.

 Here’s a preview:

[4:15] 5 dirty little secrets the average coffee drinker doesn’t know about their morning cup

[7:00] Why most coffee is priced too cheap (and what you should *actually* be paying)

[10:00] Commodity versus specialty coffee’s taste and quality differences

[14:00] The benefits (and drawbacks) associated with Fair Trade

[16:00] 5 things to look for when making an ethical coffee purchase"


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